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Theatre Reviews


Running With Emu's - La Mama

Stage Whispers: Review by Suzanne Sandow

"Kevin Dee plays a somewhat self-serving and bigoted Mayor and a bloke called Sparra.  He does so with lovely relaxed, appealing energy."

Theatre Press: Review by Ross Larkin

"The small, yet strong, supporting cast are all worthy of note, particularly the ever versatile and deft Kevin Dee"

Monstrous Acts - Edinburgh Fringe:


The Stage UK: Review by Nick Awde

“Kevin Dee turns in a solid performance as the charismatic Gilles, a real-life disgraced national hero from French history…..Dee creates a portrait of very real, human selfishness.”


SGfringe: Review by Adam Carver

“Dee captures the essence of a broken man clasped by guilt for the ‘monstrous acts’ he has committed……..When we learn of the atrocious crimes Gilles has committed, the pain and tension that permeates through the audience is almost audible.”


Brittish Theatre Guide:  Review by Graeme Strachan

 “A bleak and tragically beautiful re-imagining of the final days of imprisonment of one of European history's most notorious figures Gilles de Rais, as portrayed by Kevin Dee....A finely-tuned performance..."


Chasing Rabbits - Canadian Fringe Festival Tour:


The Victorian Times BC: Review by David Lennam

“The fringes darkest play. With great twists, this one man show is heavy stuff, played with great emotion in an in-your-face style by Australia’s Kevin Dee.


The Courier – Victoria BC: Review by Jo Ledingham

“Nothing warm and fuzzy about Chasing Rabbits. Actor Kevin Dee smokes you out, drags you from your place of comfort and holds you in the theatrical equivalent of a leg-hold trap for forty minutes……..Powerful writing, commanding performance, tough viewing.”


The Georgia Straight –Vancouver: Review by Katherine Oliver

“Kevin Dee delves into painful places, and his performance is emotionally nuanced and convincing. This is a cleverly structured little mystery.”


Observe The Sons Of Ulster:


Australian Stage: Review by Dione Joseph

“The highlight of the play is most certainly the re-enactment of the Battle of Boyne”

“Notable performances were given by Kevin Dee as the authoritative George Anderson, particularly as he orchestrated the Battle of Boyne”


Theatre Press: Review by Anastasia Russell-Head

“If you want to see the next generation of leading men strut their stuff, this is the show.”


Wind In The Willows:


**** The Age: Review by Cameron Woodhead

"Kevin Dee's Ratty marshals the tranquility and yearning of the wayfarer.....Ideal family entertainment for the summer holidays"



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